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Ice House Overview

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Your Facilitator

RJRD’s founder and CEO, Dr. Robert Green Sr., is a retired military officer with over 35 years of practical experience in strategic planning and career development. Learn about his experience with the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program at the blog linked below:





Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

Dr. Green recently attended a workshop sponsored by NC IDEA and The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative that introduced the concept of the “entrepreneurial mindset” and how it is applicable, not only, to emerging entrepreneurs, but also workforce development practitioners alike.

Source:  Simon Abrams

Source: Simon Abrams



Information on in-class workshops will be forthcoming but in the mean time, we would like to offer you the chance to attend the 8-week course in the comfort of your home or office via webinar. You can also request more information about our 2-hour introductory webinar.




Enroll now!

Enrollment is now open, with 8-week sessions continuing throughout 2019 and 2020! The prospective course dates are listed below and subject to change:

August 13  - October 15, 2019

November 5 - January 7, 2020

January 21- March 10, 2020

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The cost for the 8- week Program is $299.00 and includes online access to the course material, the class workbook, supplemental videos, and a copy of Who Owns the Ice House? Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur co-written by Clifton Taulbert and Gary Schoeniger. A confirmation email will be sent shortly to confirm your registration, but you can also make your payment to access your course materials below: (Payeezy via WellsFargo)